The National Parents Teachers Association of Nigeria, NAPTAN, have expressed concern over the recent rate of suicide among Nigerian students.

In reaction to the rate of suicide, the 2nd Deputy President of NAPTAN, Chief Adeolu Ogunbanjo, advised parents to be on alert and monitor their children so as to prevent such occurrence in their family.

“Honestly, it is very sad, very disappointing and yes it is very condemnable. But condemning it alone will not bring the solution; we as parents must be alert to stop this menace.“Parents must be alert always to identify changes or any suicide tendencies in their children.“Children, especially undergraduates, need constant monitoring in order to avert any danger.“Nowadays, many of us parents do not have time for our children anymore, we only worry about their upkeep but neglect the social life.“When we talk of time, it is divided into two; normal time and quality time — and what our children need is quality time. It is not right for anybody to commit suicide for whatsoever reason but for a depressed person, they will not think that it is not right.

“A depressed person only acts on impulse,’’ Ogunbanjo said.

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